Save an outgoing voicemail message

How it works

When a loved-one passes away, sometimes the only recording you have of them is locked away on an answering machine or a voicemail box. Eventually the recording will disappear, either due to someone recording over it or service getting canceled. Before it disappears, use VMSave to save it, completely free.

1. Put your number in above and push the Get Started button.

Any phone number in the world will work.

2. Enter your email and push the Make Call button.

Make sure no one will answer the phone, other than the voicemail or answering machine.

3. VMSave will call your number and record the outgoing message.

Any length message, any number of rings. You will receive a call from (734) 217-2065. Remember, let the machine get it.

4. Download your recording

VMSave will give you a link to download your recording as an MP3 and also send the MP3 directly to your email as an attachment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I dial a non-US number?

Use international format assuming the call is dialing out from the US. Don't use your country's dial-out prefix and do include the +. For example, if you're calling a number in Germany use this format: +491749123123. If VMSave complains about not having permission to dial that number, please email reset@petekeen.net and I'll fix it up.

How do I dial an extension?

Add ?extension=1234 after the number, like this: +12345678901?extension=1234, replacing the 1234 with the extension you need to call. If you need to insert a pause before or between digits, you can use w. Each w will pause for one half second. For example, if you need to wait through a 2 second prompt and then dial extension 123, use this: ?extension=wwww123. You can use extension for call control as well.

What if some of the message gets cut off?

Sometimes this happens if VMSave can't detect the start of the outgoing message properly, often because it's too quiet. Please email reset@petekeen.net and mention the message got cut off and I'll get it fixed for you.

How much does this cost?

It's completely free. If you would like to donate to keep it going, click here to donate. Thank you so much for your support.

How many times can I use this?

To prevent abuse, each number can only be called once every three months. If you need this to be reset, please email reset@petekeen.net. I'll reset numbers on a case by case basis.

Is my information saved?

Your phone number and email address are stored for three months. Recordings will be deleted every 24 hours.

What about the messages in the voicemail box?

Unfortunately, VMSave can only access the outgoing message. Voicemails Forever is a paid product that helps you record the messages in your voicemail box. I have personally used and recommend it. If you choose to purchase Voicemails Forever a portion of your purchase will come back to VMSave to help keep it going.

Why did you make this?

In 2013 I had two close family members pass away within months of each other, but their voices have stayed around on answering machines and voicemail boxes. It's time to move on, but their voices shouldn't be extinguished.